Emma McFerran was born in Melbourne on May 11, 1988. In 2002 the Australian started with motocross racing. For eight years she drove competitions in the open women-seniors and the 250F / 125cc class. In 2010 Emma switched to freestyle motocross and fulfilled her dream as the first female FMX athlete to make a name for herself in the international FMX scene. With the help of her brother Matty McFerran, who is a professional in this sport at the Crusty Demons and Nitro Circus shows, Emma managed to motivate herself again and again even after falls. Emma’s big break came in 2010 with the reintroduction of the Crusty Demons. On the National Thirst 4 Destruction Tour, Emma was able to show what tricks she’s already got in front of sold out shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. In 2013 Emma’s international breakthrough came when she jumped the first backflip of a woman in the history of the series at the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Berlin. Since then, Emma McFerran has been the female face of the NIGHT of the JUMPs and shows what women can do in this sport. At the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Munich, Emma McFerran became the first woman in the world to jump tricks over the 21-meter distance. In 2015 Emma competed at the Flight Club in Biberach and jumped sensationally to third place. In doing so, she left a number of male competitors behind. On the Nitro Circus Live Tour in Australia and the USA, Emma jumped Tandem FMX with her brother Matty. Another highlight was the Supercross event in Geneva.






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