Emma McFerran

Emma McFerran, 25 years old from Melbourne, Victoria and currently living at Jackson Strong‘s in Lockhart, NSW. In 2002 Emma started racing and continued competing for 8 years. In her final years of racing, she competed in the senior women’s open and also in the senior B 250f/125cc class.

Emma is making a name for herself and following her dream as being the only female freestyle motocross rider in Australia rising amongst the boys. Coming from a strong racing background, Emma has persued her path in FMX with the help from her older brother, professional FMX rider Matty McFerran of Monster Energy ShowTime Kawasaki. Emma’s big break came with the re-launch of the Crusty Demons and the 2010 National Thirst 4 Destruction Tour. Emma shot to stardom performing at sold out shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, uncovering the sport to a new and enthusiastic female youth market.

Name:                  Emma McFerran
Date of Birth:      11th May 1988
Hometown:         Melbourne, Australia
Bike:                    Honda 250 CR-F
FMX since:          2010

Best Tricks:         Backflip
                             Can Indy
                             Seatgrab Indy

FMX Success:

1st female Backflip at NIGHT of the JUMPs

First Australian Women doing a Backflip
FMX Awards - Best Female FMX Rider

Crusty Demons “Thirst 4 Destruction Tour”

invited by PINK and Carey Hart to perform
FMX at their five stop Hart & Huntington Tour
across Australia
#3 Australian Women‘s MX Cup at Horsham
#5 Victorian Senior Motocross Titles (3-times)
#4 Victorian Titles (2008)